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Описание и изисквания


• Producing data tables in Excel to spec using Askia Analyse.
• Producing raw data files, usually in SPSS .sav format, Excel, .csv and occasionally in Triple-S format.
• Performing soft launch checks on survey data to verify survey scripting logic has been applied correctly.
• Carry out quality control checks on data throughout fieldwork, rejecting interviews that do not meet the required standard, according to a series of pre-agreed criteria.
• Assisting senior Data Processors to implement and test process improvements.
• Assisting in supporting less experienced members of the team.


• Ability to learn quickly on the job and are comfortable adopting new software.
• You exhibit the ability to learn how to use Askia Analyse and SPSS to a suitable level within your probationary period or already possess these skills.
• You display awareness of GDPR rules and guidelines and are mindful of these in everyday activities.
• A minimum of at least 2 years previous experience in a similar role required.
• You have specialist skills in data processing in Market Research & an eye for detail You pro-actively check all work for accuracy against supplied materials (i.e. data specs and questionnaires) in order to identify any errors and correct them prior to delivery (data tables/raw data files) or report errors where you are unable to correct the data.
• You actively aim to independently solve issues that arise in your day-to-day work whilst at the same being able to identify when to request support.
• You encourage teamwork and best practice by clearly communicating within the company where appropriate and sharing ideas.
• You can manage multiple priorities and are clear and organised in your approach to your work in order to meet deadlines.
• You are keen to learn and develop new skill sets relevant to your role.


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